July 15th-18th, 2016

South Beach Miami Baby! A weekend at the American Airline Arena where the Miami Heat basketball team plays for our National Training event filled with fun and excitement gaining the knowledge needed for a successful life and business! It’s funny I never see them as “work” we like to call the “Traincations”! Sipping on some ice cold drinks while laying out absorbing some vitamin D on a hot summer day….Ahhh this is the life! These are the beaches musicians write and sing about! From personal observations I can say that I was dressed pretty moderately, though my mom may disagree. For me personally, lying out in the sun on the beach or by the pool is one of my happy places! I can understand why people come here to visit and live. We also discovered a cool spot out here with a bunch of graffiti and artwork called the Wynwood Walls. Walking around the blocks filled with beautiful portraits, abstracts, and such in awe of the talents those artists’ possess. It was a pleasant cherry to top our stay.