August 29-September 1

There’s no place like home! Though I don’t live in North Carolina, nor have I ever, the home I’m speaking of is my mother. It doesn’t matter the location, she can make anywhere feel like home for me. I hadn’t seen her in a few months so I was definitely excited to come visit her and my step father John. Another happy place for me is in the mountains and they both just so happen to be located right on the Great Smoky Mountains! There’s something about being in the Carolinas that almost takes you away from the crazy life and time slows down.  I love being outside breathing in the fresh air surrounded by nature. I can recall a time seeing deer and fawn out on a hike in North Carolina when I was a child; it almost seemed magical at the time. As a young adult, I crave being outdoors hiking and walking nature trails, it calms me and helps clear my head. So when visiting my mom there are a few things at the top of my list to do: first would be hiking and second to go white water rafting! This specific trip we decided to hike the Glenn Falls which lead us to gorgeous waterfall sights. Luckily that day the water wasn’t too strong so we got to get up close and personal with the peaks. We also went rafting in NOC. This is a renowned spot for the avid rafters and kayakers training for competitions and the Olympics! We had a blast splashing around and spinning down the rapids. This whole trip was just what I needed, change of scenery, fresh air, and mommy time.