Reflecting on the cruise I just got back from to the Bahamas; Not only did I have the chance to check off another bucket list experience, but I also got to share those memories with my older sister as she checked off from her bucket list as well. For the first time in our lives we’ve actually been able to go on a vacation together and bond. I will never forget the moments we shared snorkeling, playing corn-hole on the top deck of the ship, sipping cocktails, our laughs at the comedy show, eating conch salad for the first time along with much more.  Our age difference growing up didn’t help give us these kinds of moments; I can’t remember a time it was just the two of us bonding and making memories. That’s what I love about this amazing concept is that it helps bring families together and fulfill lifelong moments with our loved ones. I will continue to cherish what this company has given us and many other members because it’s more than just a trip. We’re able to assist people and be the vehicle toward their dreams and goals. At the end of our lives we will not look back on all the possessions we have rather the memories and experiences we’ve shared.