After experiencing my first shot of Kava a few weeks ago at one of the coolest unique places in St. Pete; Bula, my interest peaked as to what kava was all about!  With further insight, I decided to share a little of what I’ve learned that may be able to help others as well!

I’ve never been one to take medications unless absolutely needed, I’d much rather find something natural to promote a healthier and stronger body. Our bodies are machines and unless we accept and understand that the “fuel” we’re putting into our bodies are vital, we will continue to suffer from our conditions.  

For those who’ve never heard of kava before, it’s a plant; specifically the root being utilized, it is traditionally chewed or made into a beverage during social or ceremonial occasions. Native to the pacific Islands, kava is used primarily to promote relaxation. There have been known benefits of using kava for a range of different ailments such as anxiety and insomnia to skin conditions and toothaches among many others. There are a growing amount of kava shops, bars, and cafés popping up in larger cities and becoming more popular in the U.S. and around the world. Kava shops don’t sell alcohol but have a unique “bar scene” atmosphere with music and a “chill vibe”. Definitely worth a try, BULA!