May 20th-23rd, 2016

What do you think of when you hear New Orleans? For me it was Mardi Gras, but after this experience I’ve learned there is so much more to this eclectic city! Staying in the Astor Crowne Plaza right on Bourbon Street in the French quarters; we definitely had a blast during the night life. Downtown reminded me a lot like downtown Ybor City back home in Florida. Besides the infamous partying, we checked out Mardi Gras World where we made masquerade masks and learned about the history behind the parade.
My favorite part from this trip was visiting the St. Louis Cemetery Number 1! I highly recommend taking the tours; the guides are very knowledgeable with awesome personalities! Another tour we all decided to take was a 5 in 1 that included Ghosts, Vampires, Voodoo, Bar Hopping, and History. There were about 15 friends along on this trip and I think we all agreed this tour was well worth it! Lots of memories were made in New Orleans and being featured in the company magazine will forever remind us of them!The biggest take away for me can be measured by one word….LEGACY. What am I doing today that will be left to the universe years after I’m gone? Will it be a positive one? Impactful? What is it I want said on my tombstone? This life we’re given is unpredictable, no one knows how long we have… so make everyday count. Thank God for every morning you wake and go out making the most of it!